The XDV-μ series is designed for precise coating thickness measurement and material analysis on very delicate structures. All devices are equipped with polycapillary optics that focus the X-ray beam, making measuring spots (fwhm) with diameters between 10 and 60 μm possible. The high intensity of the focused radiation results in a short measuring duration. Besides the universally applicable XDV-μ, specialized devices are also available for the electronics and semiconductor industries. For example, the XDV-μ LD is optimized for measuring on printed circuit boards, while the XDV-μ Wafer is intended for use in clean rooms.

XDV-µ for testing the smallest of structures


  • Advanced polycapillary X-ray optics that focus the X-rays onto extremely small measurement surfaces
  • Modern silicon drift detector (SDD), ensuring good detection sensitivity
  • Programmable measuring stage with expandable sample support for automated testing
  • Specialized devices for specialized applications, including:
    • XDV-μ LD, featuring a large measuring distance (at least 12 mm)
    • XDV-μ LEAD FRAME, specially optimized for measuring of lead frame coatings such as Au / Pd / Ni / CuFe
    • XDV-μ wafer, featuring an automated wafer chuck system


Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Measurement on both bare and assembled printed circuit boards
  • Analysis of complex coating systems in the nanometer range, e.g. Au / Pd / Ni / CuFe on lead frames
  • Automated quality inspection of wafers up to 12 inches in diameter
  • Testing of base metallization layers (under-bump metallization, UBM) in the nanometer range
  • Compliant with DIN EN ISO 3497 and ASTM B568

Material Analysis

  • Analysis of very light elements such as sodium
  • Analysis of lead-free solder caps on copper pillars
  • Testing the elemental composition of C4 and smaller solder bumps, as well as small contact surfaces in the semiconductor industry

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